The Etiwanda School District provides virtual classroom lessons through the distance learning plan.  Please note that during virtual sessions there is no expectation of privacy, students and anything in their background will be in view of the class. Those who prefer not to have their image shown may elect to turn off the video camera during the virtual session.

Distance Learning

May 11 - 20
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May 4 - May 8
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April 27 - May 1
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April 20 - April 24
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April 13 - April 17
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 April 6 - April 10
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March 30- April 3
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March 17- March 30

Reading/Vocabulary Unit 3 Week 1
1)In Readers/Writers Workshop book, read pages 162-165.
2)Review new Vocabulary words- go online to Connect Ed and Click on "Words to KNow"
3) Read pg. 170-173 which are things we are learning in the unit
4) Read pg. 166-169 "A Reluctant Traveler"
5) **Go online to Connect Ed and Click on "To Do" There are 9 assignments there for you to do at your own pace. There is some vocabulary practice and games too.
6) In the big reading book, read pg. 182-195 and answer all questions in the "Stop and Check" boxes in complete sentences, citing the evidence in the text for your answers. 
7) On page 195 answer the questions in complete sentences
8) Read pg. 196-197 "Where did that come from?" Answer questions at the end in complete sentences. 

1) Complete the 5-a-day Review for weeks 9 and 10. I'll post the answers on Google Classroom so that you can check your answers. You can do one set of 5 questions each day. 
2) Complete the 3 math worksheets that I sent home with you. (shapes, volume)
3) Do the practice test in your textbook on pages 511-515 by March 31. I will post the answers to it on Google Classroom. 
4)Go onto Think Central and do the Ch. 11 Practice Test - we will take the actual test online on April 2nd or 3rd.
5) I recommend you go on Think Central and look in your library. You have a Reteach book. You can pull up the pages for each lesson in Chapter 11 and do the problems on a sheet of paper. This will give you great practice for the test. 

6) Go on Prodigy for 30 min. per day. I will be embedding review problems into the program so you can practice everything we have been working on. 
***YOu can also go onto Think Central to access Re-teach pages. It would be a good idea to do one of these a day from Chapter 10. You don't have to print them, you can just write your answers on a piece of paper and have your parents check it or send it to me and I'll check it for you.


1)Read pg. 222-231. You already read some of this with your poster group. Answer the questions on page 227 in complete sentences. 
2) Do the open book test on page 233. You can just write a one word answer for some questions, but #8,9,10,13,14 should be in complete sentences. Use the textbook to help you come up with your answers.
Go to gerationgenius.com and click on grades 3-5. You do not need to set up an account. There are a ton of really cool videos for you to check out on various science topics. There are also questions you can answer after each video. Have fun!

Pick a wonder for the week. Read it a couple times and review vocabulary that you are unsure of. Write a summary using the techniques we worked on. You need a topic sentence and then specific facts that support your answer. Make sure you explain those facts and then provide a concluding statement. Practice explaining the question you chose and the answer and then present it to your family. Focus on your eye contact, voice, body control, and pace. Type your Summary into Google Classroom if possible under the assignment Wonder of the Week. 

**I-ready - 
Do 20-30 minutes per day of both Reading and Math i-ready lessons. Ask your parents if they will give you something (extra screen time, etc) for getting 85% or higher on a lesson. 

Read your chapter books. You should aim to be reading for about 30-60 minutes per day. You can break it up into 2 or 3 reading sessions a day. Tell your parents what is happening in your book. 

Make sure you are studying the last 10 states and capitals. You have the sheet for states 40-45, but you'll have to look at the map and make your own study sheet for states 46-50. Write down the name of the state and then look at the study sheet in your folder to find the capital that goes with each state. Study the map. Have your parents quiz you for 10 minutes each day on all the capitals and the locations. Go on http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm and play the review games. Be ready to test on all 50 when we come back. 

I will be posting daily activities on Google Classroom for you to complete each day if possible. They will be fun activities with math, reading, art, speaking, researching, etc. :-)