Distance Learning Options
As we learn how to continue this new stage on teaching, I want to insure you that we continue to collaborate with general education teachers and Other Service Providers. When consulting with or Speech, OT, and APE they have provided a menu of activities that parents can continue working at home. Please click on link below to see activity menu:


Behavioral Strategies when Working with Your Student
1. Have a conversation with your student on what is his/her preferred (favorite) or non-preferred (not favorite) subject.

2. For subjects that are non preferred front load (let them know ahead of time) how long they will be working on it or how much will they will be expected to complete for example "Next, we will do (subject) but we are going to only do 20 minutes or we have to do 5 out of the 10 (subject) questions. 

3. Chunk Information
     -First and then language (ex. first due math then take a 10 minute break)
     -Use timers (ex. work for 10 minutes then a 5 minute break)

4. Use a Positive Rewards System
     -Have them choice what they are working (preferred activity) for ahead of time
     -Use stickers, happy faces, stars, or any other motivational symbol (ex. Earn a sticker for every question you complete and then ear a preferred/fun activity)

5. Be creative to motivate them through this new journey!

Please remember that all activities are optional! 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me by email maria_rodriguez@etiwanda.org or by Remind at remind.com/join/h724hca  

Thank you we are in this together!